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State and Local Legislative Matters

Outlook for 2014? While it’s merely the start of 2014, the mainstream media covering politics would have you believe that 2016 is already here. What do I mean by this? As an important gubernatorial election year for many states, political commentators are treating these races as place setters for the 2016 presidential campaign. Read more…

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Los Angeles Tenants may pay for landlords’ earthquake retrofits

Los Angeles City Council member Bernard Parks wants to allow owners who seismically retrofit apartment buildings to pass on 100 percent of the costs to tenants. He also wants the city to consider exempting these apartment owners from rent control laws. Under existing laws, only half of major rehabilitation costs can be passed through to […]

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New Laws For 2013

New Laws For 2013 By Michael A. Brennan Well, the New Year is quickly approaching and, with it, a new round of laws affecting landlords. On September 30, 2012, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown signed several bills into law which, in one way or another, directly affect landlords. Each law is set forth below with its […]

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