Evictions are often an extremely frustrating and time consuming experience for landlords. Current and proposed laws and legislation provide tenants with the tools necessary to remain in possession of the unit while keeping landlords at bay with no cash flow. This is even more so in rent controlled areas! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is no firm or individual in this industry who can handle your eviction more aggressively, knowledgably, or quickly than the Brennan Law Firm. We know how to maneuver through the eviction process and court system as quickly and efficiently as possible while avoiding the pitfalls that cause delays and lost income that other firms often fall prey to.

Our in depth knowledge of unlawful detainer actions and landlord-tenant matters allows us to anticipate the tenants’ next move and to deal with it in a manner that puts you back in control of your unit as fast as the courts allow.

Importantly, we are able to obtain the results you want at a cost effective rate. Our fees for an uncontested residential case range from $95.00 to $150.00. Fees on commercial cases are slightly more and are dependent on the complexity of the issues. Please call our office at (626)294-0500 for pricing on commercial cases.

If you would like to open a new eviction case, please complete the following form and scan or fax it back to our office with the requested documents: New Case Form

Please fax information and documents to (626)294-0505

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