Forms & Notices Access

Forms & Notices Access

Many of the most common forms and notices are available for free by following the directions below to enter our Forms & Notices page.

In order to access the Forms & Notices page, visitors must both check the box indicating they have read and accept the Disclaimer written below and enter their valid email address.

Placing a check in the box shall be deemed an affirmative statement by the visitor that they have both read and accepted our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Regarding the Use of Forms and/or Notices. Before placing a check in the box, please read both the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer set forth below.

By submitting your email address below, you are agreeing to both add your email address to our “Forms Update” and “Newsletter” database and to allow us to contact you via email with notices of updates to our Forms and distribution of our BLF Newsletter.

Disclaimer Regarding the Use of Forms and/or Notices:

The forms and/or notices contained on this website are provided to the general public strictly as a courtesy. Although Brennan Law Firm attempts to monitor applicable case law, statutes, and regulations on a constant basis in order to provide our clients with the most up to date forms and notices available, any individual or entity who makes use of the forms and/or notices on this site should be aware that specific requirements concerning the language, use, and service of forms and notices in connection with unlawful detainer actions change over time. The use of an improper form or improper procedure could result in negative consequences in your case, including a dismissal or judgment against you.

By using any form or notice contained on this website, the user is assuming any and all the risk involved. Specific questions concerning the forms and/or notices on this site should be directed to a competent attorney. Brennan Law Firm shall not be responsible for any negative result in any action, hearing, arbitration, mediation, or any other proceeding, due to the use of a form and/or notice downloaded from this site.

Brennan Law Firm Privacy Policy:

Brennan Law Firm understands your privacy concerns. We do not sell, rent, or distribute any personal information about our clients (including their email addresses) to anyone.

Your privacy is important to us, but your trust is essential.

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